The Rape of German Girls & Women – A Brutal Plan for Genocide – Part 1

Dear Reader – This article contains some graphic details, it is unfortunately essential to include them, otherwise there is no possible way to comprehend the scale and nature of the Hell unleashed on German girls and women. You have been taught in your school books, countless movies and history channel documentaries of the [frequently misrepresented] horrors inflicted on everyone but the German people. You were made to look at terribly graphic photos and visit Holocaust museums funded by the survivors and descendants of the girls and women discussed in this article.

193px-bundesarchiv_bild_183-2000-0110-500_bdm_gymnastikvorfc3bchrungGerman girls and women have never stopped paying the price for Germany’s defeat. In the book Germany’s War, a more detailed account is given providing a comprehensive insight into the genocidal vengeance wrecked on Germany. As you read this, please ask yourself:

Why are German women supposed to feel guilt for WWII? How did they endure the price of Germany’s defeat? Why is it acceptable that 70 years later they are once again being subjected to an invasion of foreign men and then silenced when they report a rise in violence? Will German women endure the new invasion?

Part One – The Red Army

Stalin sought to ease the fears of the Western Allies concerning Soviet atrocities against the German people by issuing the following order to his troops:


“Occasionally there is talk that the goal of the Red Army is to annihilate the German people….It would be foolish to equate the German people and the German State with the Hitler clique. The lessons of history tell us that Hitlers come and go, but the German people, the German State, they shall remain.”[i]

Stalin’s reasonable words were not followed by his troops. In reality, rape of German women was implicitly condoned by Stalin. Stalin asked Yugoslav communist leader Milovan Djilas,

“Can’t he understand it if a soldier who has crossed thousands of kilometers through blood and fire and death has fun with a woman or takes some trifle?”

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